Workshop - Builders competence in tourism

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Workshop details

Title: Sustainable and authentic building in tourism. Benefits for owners, users and society in finding synergies in the field of society, economy and ecology.

Date: 29.01.2015

Duration: 09:00 - 17:00

Location: LCT One, Dornbirn AUSTRIA

Target audience: Public authorities in municipalities and hoteliers

Number of participants: 12

Workshop topics

Building developers more and more face the challenge to fulfil the increasing challenges considering building projects in the tourist sector and to communicate those challenges to the architect. The building has to meet the expectations of the tourists, it has to blend with the environment; further, the building needs to be sustainable and economically efficient

In the Workshop, it was the first time that experts in social research, spatial planning, business management, ecology and building physics worked directly with the client and public authorities for a holistic and sustainable planning procedure. The practical discussion related to a specific construction project in tourism. The workshop is a first step towards developing sustainable planning network respectively to the development of a service package “Sustainable and Authentic Building in the Tourism Sector”. It was the starting point of the development of a service package which can substantially support the building developer with meeting all the challenges mentioned.

The service package should support the building developer and all other actors involved with preparing the planning process, with developing a strategic concept, with realizing the building project and with the subsequent quality assurance. By this new service package, positive synergies between the building developer and the architect should be created and the competence of the building developer will be increased.

Currently, about 12,5% of the annual revenue in tourism is spent in building investments. Therefore, buildings investments offer a great potential for increasing the competiveness on the one hand; on the other hand the tourism building sector is of high importance of low carbon solutions in the alpine space.

Overall, the new service package “Sustainable and Authentic Building in the Tourism Sector” contributes to a new ecological quality in the Alpine Space and to reduce CO2 emission in a sustainable way.

Speakers and Presentations


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