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Service packages, certifications, training materials

A high number of buildings harmonized by CESBA in Europe goes along with providing appropriate tools and services for different actors. These tools and services include training for private use, seminars and courses as well as service packages like advisory services or service packages for municipalities.

Certifications ensure that a building or neighbourhood meets certain criteria, such as the CESBA Key Performance Indicators. CESBA does not certify the built environment and is not in competition with other certification systems. Nevertheless CESBA supports low-cost, mass-oriented, public certification schemes, and will provide minimum requirements to ensure the quality of certification processes that are harmonized with CESBA.

The tools and services offered on this portal are often EU project outputs.

Tools and services by target group

The tools and services of CESBA are aimed at different groups of actors. The following is a sample of tools and services by actor type; this list will be extended soon.

Tools and Services for political decision makers and administration secretaries

Tools and Services for construction-related SMEs

Tools and Services for sustainable building experts

Tools and Services for certification operators

Tools and Services for people interested in CESBA and sustainable building

Categories of portal



In the context of CESBA, the term “training” encompasses many aspects: training measures enhance the awareness on a sustainable built environment, provide education material, excursions, seminars and conduct public relation work by using different types of media and organizing events. There is a big diversity of target groups and contents for CESBA training.



A certification ensures that a building or neigbourhood meets certain criteria. These criteria are measured by indicators which describe the overall performance of the building. Existing building assessment systems are very diverse. CESBA wants to compare different systems and harmonize them. The CESBA Wiki presents different certification systems to make them more comparable for users.



CESBA service offers are very diverse. They range from service packages for different actors, guidelines, handbooks, tools, databases and interactive maps. CESBA services include assistance with organizatoin and coordination of sustainable building projects, information and communication channels, technical support and much more.



Outputs from different EU-project comprise forms of training, certification and services. The deliverables that support the CESBA initiative have been identified within the ViSiBLE project and are currently integrated in the CESBA Wiki.