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CESBA is a young bottom-up-movement to promote the Europe-wide sustainability assessment of our built environment. CESBA is open for everyone who wants to support the development towards sustainable residing, working and living all over Europe. There are three degrees of how you can be a part of CESBA:

  1. Become a member of the CESBA association!
  2. Support the CESBA association!
  3. Become a CESBA Wiki editor!

Here, you can read how to participate in the CESBA movement and association and download the Membership Declaration.

Become a CESBA editor

Users who have ideas on how to improve CESBA are encouraged to contribute to the Wiki by writing articles and by improving existingarticles. A group of editors coming from different regions all over Europe feed the Wiki. The CESBA Wiki welcomes new editors at any time.

How to become a CESBA Wiki editor

Legal notice

President Board External Expert Office
Willy A. Küchler

CH-6010 Kriens,

PO Box 1320

Phone: +41 79 704 29 44

Email: president@CESBA.eu


Andrea Moro



Mag. Dr. Daniel Wibmer



Etienne Viénot


Board Members

Gabrielle Raynal


René Lohe


Dipl.-Ing. Mag.(FH) Ph.D.

Markus Berchtold


A-6867 Schwarzenberg,

Heuberg 222

Ines Feurstein

E-Mail: office@cesba.eu