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The CESBA Building Life Cycle

A building is the source of local, regional and global impacts. These impacts start from the beginning of the life cycle of the buildings and end with the de-construction or demolition phase. Assessment harmonized by CESBA take all aspects of sustainability during the whole life cycle of buildings into account. This already starts with the purpose and target definition, encompasses design, planning, and construction stage and also considers commissioning, monitoring and the usage of the building. Other building life cycle stages like the Building life cycle stages (EN 15643-1) can easily be adopted to the CESBA building life cycle.

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The steps of the Building Life Cycle

  1. Purpose and Target: When defining the purpose of a building, aspects of sustainability are crucial for a right decision.
  2. Design Tendering: The criteria for an architectural competition as well as the final decision of the jury should focus on sustainability.
  3. Planning: In order to realize a sustainable project, all involved actors have to be regularly integrated in the planning process.
  4. Procurement: Natural building materials are more sustainable than synthetic materials. Local materials are better than materials that have travelled a long distance.
  5. Implementation: A sustainable construction site does not harm the surrounding environment and wellbeing of residents.
  6. Commissioning: Commissioning a building needs time in order to realize sustainability targets.
  7. Monitoring/Usage: All parties involved need to know how to use the building correctly. Monitoring is important to ensure the sustainability of the building.
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Movie on CESBA Building Life Cycle

The following example shows how sustainability can be realized during the whole building life cycle. The movie uses the example of public buildings in Vorarlberg, Austria.

Support for each step of the CESBA Building Life Cycle

EU projects have created a variety of material that supports different kinds of actors throughout all steps of the CESBA Building Life Cycle. The outputs that fit best the building life cycle can be found on the CESBA Wiki.

Life cycle step Example EU project outputs
Purpose and Target
Design Tendering