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CESBA is a young movement that was triggered by the finding of European actors in 2011 that the current profusion of sustainable building assessment systems will not lead the built environment of Europe towards sustainability.

The history of CESBA - overview

During the ENERBUILD project, partners found a great amount of sustainable building assessment systems on their territory, and agreed that users and stakeholders felt disoriented. This profusion of systems was the starting point of an international conference held in Lyon in February 2011, “From Europe to territories: what possible convergence?” The question of convergence was on the table. Soon, different European projects emerged, all sharing the same diagnosis and working on the same subject. All of these projects have developed, compared, harmonized, and explored various building assessment tools. The idea of promoting a framework on assessment buildings emerged during an Energy World Café in Lyon, in June 2012. To reach this goal, representatives of the EU projects were contacted to share and work on this goal. First results were shared during a common meeting in Brussels, and based on the work of the French representatives, who met several times during this period; a general framework and different concepts were discussed and accepted. The common vision was born, and a statement was released in July 2012.

Different EU funded projects actively supported the further development of CESBA, such as CABEE, CEC5 and ViSiBLE.

The first CESBA conference in Brussels was organized on 10th October 2012 in order to share this vision, to disseminate these results and to start the work with the EU commission. So far, three CESBA conferences have been held in Brussels, in October 2014 and June 2015, and EU institutions such as the DG Environment strongly support the CESBA movement.

In addition to that, so far three CESBA Sprint Workshops (also named "CESBA Days") have taken place in different places of Europe. As a meeting of CESBA supporters, CESBA members and new interested actors, the CESBA Sprint Conference have played a crucial role in further developing CESBA and will do so in the next years.

The following table and timeline give an overview on the history of CESBA:

CESBA-logo 2016 Nur Kreis.jpg CESBA TIMELINE
Timeline CESBA 2011-2018 bearb..jpg

Date Place Content
16.02.2011 Lyon ENERBUILD conference - different ways of ecological building assessment
19.05.2011 Barcelona IRH-Med conference - different ways of ecological building assessment
07.06.2011 Lyon ENERBUILD meeting - Idea “New common European directive / framework on assessment of buildings” and common conference in Brussels
15.11.2011 Brussels Exchange among the projects ENERBUILD, OPENHOUSE, SUPERBUILDING, IRH-MED
July 2011/ April 2012 Lyon/Paris Exchanges between French representatives of ENERBUILD, OPENHOUSE, SUPERBUILDING, IRH-MED. Proposition of the universal framework and concept signature.
23.05.2012 Turin Draft on CESBA-content
12./13.6.2012 Budapest First definition of term CESBA
10.10.2012 Brussels 1st CESBA Conference: Decision core set of Indicators

Support offered by DG Environment

21.-23.10.2013 Vorarlberg, Hochhäderich 1st CESBA Sprint Workshop Hochhäderich
01.07.2014 Piemonte, Turin 2nd CESBA Sprint Workshop
07.10.2014 Brussels, Belgium 2nd CESBA Conference in Brussels
29.10.2014 Barcelona, Spain CESBA at World Sustainable Building conference
17.11.2014 Dornbirn, Austria Final event of CESBA supporting projects ViSiBLE and CEC5
21.04.2015 Salzburg, Austria 3rd CESBA Day in Salzburg
21.04.2015 Salzburg, Austria Foundation of CESBA association
18.06.2015 Brussels, Belgium 3rd CESBA Conference during the EUSEW


CESBA guide (2014)