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The term certification has a Latin origin and means to “make something secure”. Therefore, a certification is a method that ensures that a building meets certain criteria. These criteria are measured by indicators which describe the overall performance of the building: the certification, carried out by a third body, validates the performance through an independent review. The third body is not involved in the creation of the building and may have a different background.

Requirements to Certification systems

Existing building assessment systems are very diverse: First, they have a different quantity and various types of indicators. Second, each of the assessment systems takes environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainability into consideration differently. CESBA wants to compare different systems, harmonize them in order to get the best out of existing certification processes. Thereby, the existing building assessment systems will be used unchanged further on. During the CESBA-Sprint-Workshop in October 2013, a group of actors has gone further into the question which requirements a harmonization of certification systems by CESBA should accomplish.

There are four factors the actors considered to be most important:

  1. that results of certification processes are comparable,
  2. that they can be adapted to regional differences,
  3. that they are simple to understand
  4. that an ongoing quality control by different experts takes place.

Output and costs

The output of the review is a certificate, issued by a certification body, which can be private, private-public or public. It is the manager of the certification system that issues the certificate and validates the technical documentation. The output of the certification process is a label, which can be used to access public incentives or to better qualify the building on the market.

The range of cost for commercial systems is quite broad, mostly depending on the size and the usage of the building. The cost can be contained when the assessment system is strongly linked to the national/regional regulations and technical standards.

The certification can focus on different phases along the CESBA building life cycle (in particular at the design, construction and in use stages) or certify the building on the whole CESBA cycle at once.

CESBA does not certify the built environment. Nevertheless CESBA supports low-cost, mass-oriented, public certification schemes, and will provide minimum requirements to ensure the quality of certification processes.

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