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The following article templates are a support for CESBA Wiki editors. They pretend a structure for a certain type of article. You should try to stick to the structure where possible, but you are also welcome to make amendments or supplements. Be aware that the structure given does not only help you as an editor, but also all CESBA Wiki users who read the articles.

You can also find already filled in examples for the article templates (see list below).

Help for CESBA Wiki editors

For general help, go on the help page or download the CESBA Wiki help handbook (pdf)

Most needed help pages

Article templates on the CESBA Wiki

These are the article templates on the CESBA Wiki:

Warm-up information: Internal and external links

Especially internal links, i.e. links that lead to other CESBA Wiki articles, are a special feature of Wikis in general. But also external links (links to external websites) can be used in CESBA Wiki articles.

An internal link is expressed by double square brackets. It is important that the spelling used in the internal link is exactly the spelling of the article it should link to. Of course you can also create internal links to articles that do not exist yet - you or another editor might write this article!

[[2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop]]

becomes to 2nd CESBA SPRINT Workshop

An internal link to a category is also expressed by double square brackets, but the term ("namespace") category comes before the name of the category:

[[Category:EU projects]]

An external link is expressed by single square brackets


Imagine you do not want to see an URL in the Wiki article. Then you add a blank character and just write the text that you want to be visible in the CESBA Wiki article:

[ Homepage of Alpine Space programme]

becomes to

Homepage of Alpine Space programme

Creation of new article

See also: Help:Starting a new page

  • Open a new tab and type in
  • Type in the article you want to write in the search box.
  • You are asked to create the article on CESBA Wiki (red). Click on the red name of the article. You will see the edit-page and you can type in text in the white field. On the top of the white field, you get formatting tools. Click on "Advanced" to get access to more formatting tools.

Copy and insert template using editor

  • Go back to this tab (page "Article templates")
  • Click on the template you need.
  • Go to the editing area.
  • Copy the text in the editing area and insert it to the new article you want to write. For security reasons, you can also first write your article using a computer programme (e.g. editor) PLEASE DO NOT USE MICROSOFT WORD OR SIMILAR PROGRAMMES (this makes a lot of small mistakes!). Then you should copy the template text to editor.

Write your CESBA Wiki article

  • Write your article using the template, and, if needed, the example article you can also find on the "Article templates" page.
  • For uploading files or pictures, go to "Upload file" on the left sidebar. Upload the file you want and copy the name of the file were it is needed in the article template.
  • Leave the internal links: , e.g. [[xyz]] , and replace the xyz with the correct term.

Insert photos, pictures, files

For inserting files or pictures, you may use the grey box "Drop files here".

  • Go to the explorer of your computer and open the folder that includes the file you want to insert.
  • Click on the file you want to include in your article and drop it into the dark grey box "Drop files here"
  • Click on "click here to upload this file".
  • Click on "insert link" (for pdf, pptx, doc files etc.) or on "insert picture" (for pictures).
  • Your picture/file is now integrated in the CESBA Wiki article. Click on "safe" and have a look!

Final actions

  • Delete the text: [[Category:Article templates]] on the bottom of the page of your new article (IMPORTANT!).
  • If you have used editor or another programme, copy your text into the Wiki. Save your new article (button on the bottom left of page, you might have to scroll down).
  • You could be asked to do an easy calculation, if you inserted an external link.

Making your article perfect

Have fun writing your CESBA Wiki articles!