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CESBA set up this Wiki to gather documents, information, and to present the CESBA approach and methodology.

CESBA Wiki Concept (Draft)

You can download the current version of the CESBA Wiki concept here: Draft of CESBA Wiki concept


Currently the website is owned by Regional Development Vorarlberg, the lead partner of the EU-projects ENERBUILD, CEC5, CABEE and ViSiBLE. In the future, the ownership shall be transferred to NENA network.

Purpose and goal of CESBA Wiki

The CESBA Wiki is the platform that allows keeping track of the CESBA instruments and the concepts behind the initiative. The Wiki is conceived to be the one stop knowledge source, encompassing the history of the CESBA development, the harmonized indicators, the CESBA building life cycle notions and the tools and services of CESBA.

The CESBA Wiki helps to implement good governance, reduce costs and simplify the access to the contents of CESBA. It is a living document, evolving as the knowledge grows and changes, thus allowing CESBA to constantly improve and always be able to integrate new techniques, technologies and circumstances in the build environment. The Wiki is a crucial tool to facilitate collaboration and growth of CESBA.

CESBA Wiki editors

Users who have ideas on how to improve CESBA are encouraged to contribute to the Wiki by writing articles and by commenting on existing articles by using a page's "discussion" tab to access the talk page. In case the CESBA Wiki is missing a topic, or any kind of information regarding the topic of the future building culture, CESBA is very pleased to accept suggestions to improve the existing content.

A group of editors coming from different regions all over Europe feed the Wiki. The core editors of the CESBA Wiki are the members of the CESBA working groups, acting under the supervision of the CESBA secretariat. Additionally, the CESBA Wiki welcomes new editors at any time.

How to become a CESBA-Wiki-editor

  • Click on Login/create an account (top right of page)
  • Click on Request an account
  • Request your account.
  • The account requests are checked by the administrators of the CESBA-Wiki. As soon as we have controlled your request (usually within one or two days), you will be activated as CESBA-Wiki editor.

CESBA Wiki in different languages

CESBA is currently available as CESBA generic tool in EU-projects in different languages (English, German, Polish, Italian, Slovenian, Slovak, Czech and Hungarian), while the CESBA Wiki is available in the same languages plus French (with differing contents). It is the wish that the CESBA approach and the webpage get translated into as many European languages as possible. Therefore, another crucial way to contribute to the CESBA Wiki is by providing translations of the information published on the website into the national languages. It is a big help if an English summary is provided for any article of the CESBA-Wiki.

Combination of communication with interaction

The CESBA Wiki is thus a crucial element of the initiative: it combines communication with interaction on sustainable building assessment, and further realizes the mass-oriented, open-source and bottom-up-approach of CESBA - as everybody can freely use, influence and develop the CESBA Wiki.