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The Alpine Space Programme is the EU transnational cooperation programme for the Alps. Partners from the seven Alpine countries work together to promote regional development in a sustainable way. During the period 2007-2013, the programme is investing 130 Mio € in impact-oriented projects in which key actors develop shared solutions on specific Alpine issues as laid down in the programme objectives:

Priority 1: Competitiveness and Attractiveness

Priority 2: Accessibility and Connectivity

Priority 3: Environment and Risk Prevention[1]

In the funding period 2014-2020, The Alpine Space Programme will keep on supporting transnational cooperation projects which commonly tackle Alpine specific challenges inthe funding period 2014-2020. The future budget, procedures, fields of action etc. are not yet fixed but are going under discussion among the partner states and regions and the programme bodies with the support of external experts. The Programme has actively involved Alpine stakeholders in this process and will keep on asking for your contribution.[2]

The following projects within the area of energy efficient construction and passive houses can be found in this wiki:


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