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In June 2014, the ViSiBLE project partners conducted four national workshops on elaborating recommendations for the configuration of the Alpine Space Programme 2014-2020. The topics of these workshops contributed to the new priority "Low carbon Alpine Space" from the Alpine Space programme and encompassed:

The workshops built upon the 20 EU-funded projects analyzed in ViSiBLE.

ViSiBLE Resource Book

The ViSiBLE Resource Book gives an overview on 50 selected EU project outputs dealing with renewable energies and energy efficiency, sustainable mobility and spatial planning and sustainable building.

Download of ViSiBLE Resource book

Workshop in Lyon, France

The French workshop on elaborating recommendations for future EU-funded projects welcomes all interesting actors to participate and influence the workshop by their ideas, opinions and experiences.

Date: 10th of June, 2014

Place: aux Terrasses du Parc, à Villeurbanne

Download of invitation and programme

Workshop in Vorarlberg, Austria

Date: 13th of June, 2014

Place: LifeCycle Tower ONE Dornbirn

Invitation and programme

Meeting minutes of workshop (German)

17 persons participated in the workshop. Regional Development Vorarlberg had invited all organisations in Vorarlberg that have participated in Alpine Space Programme projects in the last funding period. Wolfgang Pfefferkorn played the role of moderator for the workshop. The workshop design was developed by Robert Moosbrugger together with Wolfgang Pfefferkorn. After the introduction three parallel working groups were formed which dealt with different topics.

  • Working Group 1: Renewable Energy
  • Working Group 2: Sustainable Buildings
  • Working Group 3: Mobility and Regional Planning

Results were, for example, the communication of the CO2 topic to the public, awareness-raising regarding the energy performance of buildings, and the integration of transport providers in projects on mobility.

Workshop in Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy

Date: 17th of June, 2014

Place: EURAC Convention Center. Viale Druso 1 a Bolzano

Download of invitation

Download of programme

European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano EURAC organized the workshop for stakeholders in northeast Italy. 10 persons participated in the workshop and Roberta Pernetti was the moderator of the session.

In the morning session, it was presented the CESBA initiative, as well as the results and achievements of 20 EU projects on the thematic field of low-carbon economy and energy efficiency. Based on these results, started a discussion on the achievements, own experiences and best practices of EU projects.

In the afternoon session, it was presented the draft Operation Programme for the next Alpine Space Programme (2014-2020). This was followed by an open discussion on recommendations on future actions.

The topics discussed were:

  • Sustainability on buildings and neighborhoods.
  • Low-carbon technologies and applications.

A recurrent issue was the public administration awareness, besides the participation of SMEs on EU projects, the benefits of integrative design process and the matter of energy certification, especially in Italy.

Workshop in Rosenheim, Germany

This workshop has been carried out by project partner Hochschule Rosenheim. It invites important stakeholders and actors on sustainable building to commonly elaborate recommendations for the new EU funding period, based on the results, challenges and gaps of previous projects that have been analyzed in ViSiBLE.

Date: 18th of June, 2014

Place: Rosenheim Fachhochschule

Invitation and programme

Presentation part I ViSiBLE

Presentation part II CESBA


ViSiBLE_MA5.4 Report on recommendations for the ASP2014+