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A workshop for public authorities was held to discuss wood value added chain and pros and cons of integration with CESBA Cycle.

Workshop details

Title: Value added chain of wood

Date: 10.9.2013

Duration: 10:00 - 12:30

Location: Tolmin, Soča valley development centre, Padlih Borcev

Target audience: public authorities

Number of participants: 8

Workshop topics

-Raising value added chain of wood -Biomass -Customer needs -Sustainable buildings

Workshop outputs

After a short presentation of CABEE project and CESBA initiative the workshop continued in the field of raising value added chain of wood in the pilot region which is above average forested and has a big biomass potential. Short review of the current situation in the pilot region showed that any kind of support (EU funds, subsidies, national/ regional strategy) in using the wood is more than welcome. The use of local wood in constructing and building was especially emphasised as the contrary of the most common use of wood at the moment – for biomass.

Sources and further information

Supporting the idea of value added chain of wood in the region is in the future very important, especially in the field of sustainable buildings where local materials play a big role. Therefore support from ROC and especially from public authorities in the alpine regions where sustainable buildings are not so frequent, is very important. For the beginning public buildings should be a good example for all other private buildings.


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Posoški razvojni center

Invitation VABILO NA DELAVNICO 10.9.2013