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Workshop details

Title: Building for tomorrow

Date: 8.10.2014

Duration: 9:30-14:00

Location: Bovec, Slovenia

Target audience: SMEs

Number of participants: 31

Workshop topics

  • local materials in the Alps
  • public private partnership
  • added value chain

Workshop outputs

Public conference with two lectures was held in the morning part, the first one was about traditional building materials in Slovenia and the second about architectural project Chameleon which presented the aspect of challenges, perspectives and different ways of cooperating between stakeholders. The lectures were introduction to the workshop where participants discussed about added value chain, stakeholders’ connectivity and public private partnership. Participants were divided into three groups, all of them had representatives from public and private sector. At the end of the conference, a handbook with catalogue Building for tomorrow was presented. The second part of the event was dedicated to marketplace where all SME’s presented in the handbook, had a chance to present their activity in the field of sustainable construction and local materials. Participants (SME’s) had a great chance to get to know each other and establish business ties among them.

Sources and further information

Traditional architecture and local materials play a very important role in alpine space but it is often neglected. Pilot region in north-western Slovenia is one of those examples, therefore an incentive for triggering cooperation among SME’s dealing with sustainable building and local materials is very important. The conference/workshop emphasised the awareness of public sector to promote traditional building and stressed the importance of local SME’s and local materials when taking into consideration the principles of green public procurement.


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