Workshop - Technical-Training Meetings II

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This workshop was conducted with in the CABEE project.

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Workshop details

Title: Actions of energy requalification on existing public buildings Case study: building with frame structure in concrete – Scientific Lyceum "G. Galilei " of Alessandria

Date: 27.11.2013 - 4.12.2013

Duration: 4 + 4 hours

Location: I.I.S. "Nervi-Fermi", Alessandria, Italy

Target audience: Technicians, Public Authorities, PMI

Number of participants: 12 + 13

Workshop topics

  • Features of the building-plant system
  • Criticality analysis of the envelope
  • Criticality analysis of the plant
  • Design of energy-saving solutions and utilization of renewable energy sources
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency of the proposed actions
  • Assessing the cost-effectiveness


  • Dott. Ing. Luca rollino (External expert)


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PP7 Province of Alessandria Dott. Ing Piergiuseppe A. Dezza