Workshop - Sustainable construction for public authorities

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This sustainable construction workshop was organised for representatives of the Local energy agency of Gorenjska. The session was dedicated to the development of a mass certification tool for the evaluation of building sustainability. Another topic was the discussion on possibilities for improving the cooperation between SME’s, public authorities and other companies, as well as research centres involved in different sustainable building services.

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Workshop details

Title: Sustainable models for buildings evaluation

Date: 12. September 2014

Duration: 10:00 – 13:00

Location: Gi-ZRMK, Dimičeva 12 , 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Target audience: Public authorities

Number of participants: 8

Workshop topics

  • Sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA).
  • Indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification.
  • Mass certification of building sustainability

Workshop outputs

Sustainable models for buildings evaluation using the CESBA tool were presented. Indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification were discussed. The usage of such tools for green public procurement was demonstrated and other implications of mass certification of building sustainability were discussed (green municipalities etc.). The usage and the importance of different aspects regarding development of sustainable buildings were presented (integrated design, airtightness, nZEB, heat pumps, windows).

The discussion was focused on a need for a simple and effective assessment tool for assessing the sustainability of buildings. Suggestions were made to put more emphasis on the commissioning phase and the monitoring and usage phase in order to monitor indicators levels. For further investments, it is highly recommended to integrate CESBA indicators, or its simplified method in green public procurement. Efforts must be oriented also in cooperation with the legal bodies responsible for GPP policy and regulation.

Sources and further information: Local energy agency of Gorenjska (LEAG)

The Local energy agency of Gorenjska (LEAG) was founded as a public institution by Municipality of Kranj in 2009 and was co-financed with European Commission programme Intelligent Energy for Europe (2010-2012).

The agency consults municipalities and companies with the preparation of local energy concepts, proposals for energy management, strategy use of renewable energy sources and documents required by law. LEAG helps local institutions at planning projects of renewable energy sources and renewable energy use. Activities are directed at public awareness in transition from use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources as biomass, geothermal, solar and hydroelectric energy.

The aim is to realize energy, environmental and international objectives in the field of renewable energy sources and renewable energy use. LEAG has implemented Energy bookkeeping in over 100 public buildings (with a usable area over 500 square meters) since 2011. It is implemented in 11 Gorenjska region municipalities.



Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK,