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Workshop was organised for experts, members of ENERGY ADVISORY NETWORK IN SLOVENIJA – ENSVET. The workshop was held in a form of discussion. It focused on the dissemination of the CABEE project and the CESBA tool.

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Workshop details

Title: Sustainable models for buildings evaluation

Date: 4.October 2014

Duration: 13:00 – 16:00

Location: Komenda Fair, Glavarjeva cesta 98, 1218 Komenda, Slovenija

Target audience: SME’s

Number of participants: 12

Workshop topics

  • Presentation of CABEE project and CESBA tool.
  • Sustainable models for buildings evaluation.
  • Developing strategies of mass certification.

Workshop outputs

The discussion was orientated towards sustainable models for buildings evaluation and developing strategies of mass certification for evaluation of building sustainability. There was a presentation of the sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA), the assessment indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification were explained. The session was dedicated to developing strategies for mass certification for the evaluation of building sustainability and possibilities for implementation of sustainable criteria in the public procurement.

The participating SME’s supported the general idea for sustainable evaluation of buildings through existing tools or developing methods for simplified mass certification.

Sources and further information: ENSVET

The ENSVET program started in 1991. General objective of the ENSVET is to raise the energy efficiency awareness among the households and in improvement of the technical culture level in general. Those activities are expected to contribute to the goal in the energy efficiency improvement of 2% per year; this is one of the goals set in the Resolution on the Strategy of Use and Supply of Energy for the Republic Slovenia.



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