Workshop - Sustainable construction and sustainable building certification

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This CABEE workshop was organized for experts, members of ENERGY ADVISORY NETWORK IN SLOVENIJA – ENSVET. It dealtwith sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA).

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Workshop details

Title: Sustainable models for buildings evaluation and sustainable building certification.

Date: 14. November 2014

Duration: 14:45 - 15:30

Location: Nature-Health Fair 2014, Gospodarsko razstavišče Ljubljana, Slovenija

Target audience: SME’s

Number of participants: 19

Workshop topics

  • Sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA).
  • Indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification.
  • Mass certification of building sustainability.

Workshop outputs

Sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA)and explanation of assessment indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification. The session was dedicated to developing strategies of mass certification for evaluation of building sustainability and possibilities for implementation of sustainable criteria in public procurement. Usage and importance of different aspects regarding development of sustainable buildings were presented (integrated design, airtightness, nZEB, heat pumps, windows).

It is estimated that in the last 10 years of ENSVET network, over 10% of Slovenian households came in direct contact (consulting, lectures) with their energy advisors. Since sustainable development is becoming increasingly important, one of the goals was to inform this group professionals, since they already have an established network and therefore a great possibilities for promotion of sustainable development in the future. SME’s supported simplified methods of sustainable evaluation.

Sources and further information: ENSVET

The ENSVET program started in 1991. General objective of the ENSVET is to raise the energy efficiency awareness among the households and in improvement of the technical culture level in general. Those activities are expected to contribute to the goal in the energy efficiency improvement of 2% per year; this is one of the goals set in the Resolution on the Strategy of Use and Supply of Energy for the Republic Slovenia.

Offices of ENSVET are spread across Slovenia. Qualified independent energy advisors offer free advises to the households with the aim to raise the awareness for energy efficiency and energy reduction, to promote and stimulate implementation of energy efficient measures and the use of renewable energy sources.



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