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Sustainable construction, workshop organized at Home Fair 2014 held for investors and SME’s, with a special CABEE session dedicated to development of mass certification tool for evaluation of building sustainability.

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Workshop details

Title: Sustainable models for buildings evaluation

Date: 14. March 2014

Duration: 10:00 – 15:00

Location: Home Fair 2014, Gospodarsko razstavišče Ljubljana, Slovenija

Target audience: Investors and SME’s

Number of participants: 37

Workshop topics

  • Sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA).
  • Indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification.
  • Mass certification of building sustainability

Workshop outputs

Sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA) were presented. Indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification were discussed. The usage of such tools for green public procurement was demonstrated and other implications of mass certification of building sustainability were discussed (green municipalities etc.).

The main debate was focused on a need of simple yet effective tool for assessment the sustainability impact of new project. The tools currently available are too complex to operate and understand, and as such it is hard to implement in green public procurement.

The usage and importance of different aspects regarding development of sustainable buildings were presented (integrated design, airtightness, nZEB, heat pumps, windows).

Sources and further information

The SMEs that participated in the workshop have been working on the state of the art project that has to compete with business as usual projects in tendering process. SME’s are willing to contribute or promote new simpler/robust tools as CESBA tool presented.



Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK,