Workshop - Services for sustainable buildings and PAs needs

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Workshop details

Title: “Sustainable building – Instruments and services for the Public Administration and SMEs”

Date: 11.10.2013

Duration: 11 am – 2 pm

Location: Geo-Oikos at Smart Energy Expo - Verona Fair, V.le del Lavoro 8, 37135 Verona (VR)

Target audience: PAs

Number of participants: 12

Workshop topics

  • Needs of the PA in Building life cycle
  • Services and supporting structure for sustainable building in Veneto
  • Public Private Partnership

Workshop outputs

When discussing sustainable constructions in Veneto public actors that play a relevant role are the local authorities (municipalities and provinces) the regional government (competences on energy, building and urban planning are shared among different departments) and the social housing agency (ATER). The following are the main issues with regard to managing of sustainable construction project for public buildings emerging from the discussion:

  • Finding financial resources: Considering the current spending review due to the economical crises, the main concerns are represented by the capacity of the small alpine municipalities to access financial resources for energy efficiency intervention in Public Building. A support in accessing funds from EU programs it is therefore welcome;
  • Purpose and target: lack of competences of municipal technician especially of small municipalities in the alpine territory to define sustainability elements for a new construction or renovation project;
  • Design and tendering: The administrative complexity to design and manage a public tender is more relevant in a small public body (municipalities) where the technical offices are often represented by a single person delegated to all the ordinary and extra-ordinary duties of the institution. Among the main problems emerged there are: the definition of adequate specifications and indicators to capture the complexity of sustainable project and to define a system based on a public tender to guarantee the assignment of the work both with saving criteria and quality. In this case the Veneto Region could play a relevant role as common tender office or at least to define a model of public tender that each public body could adopt – especially of small dimensions – to speed up the processes.
  • Project monitoring from the design to the construction: also monitoring phases are relevant. In particular the phase of control ex-post of the project is very complex. In this case the suggestion is to define a protocol/guidelines to support a long term monitoring (guidelines to support a quality certification ex-post).

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