Workshop - No poison in the interior!

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Workshop details

Title: No poison in the interior! - Sustainable procurement in the construction

Date: 21/11/2013

Duration: 2h

Location: BAUakademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg, Moosstraße 197, 5020 Salzburg

Target audience: SMEs from the construction industry

Number of participants: 17

Project Partners: PP2 / BLS

Workshop topics

Information and tips on sustainable procurement in the construction industry

Workshop outputs

The challenge for the construction industry, architects and planners is great - optimum results are demanded. In new buildings, as well as larger renovation work, the building codes are in terms on energy efficiency increasingly stringent templates. Simultaneously with the air dense buildings increases the relevance of low-emission, use of health- and environment-friendly building materials. Sustainable and energy-efficient building solutions are desired. The quality of a final construction project depends primarily on the planning and tendering of building materials as well as the competence of the responsible employees. Proper procurement of materials determines the sustained success. Executed planning projects demonstrate the value to generate environmental and health friendly building materials in construction.

Answers were given to the following important questions:

  • How does the increase in energy efficiency and the use of sustainable materials in

the construction supplement?

  • Which aspects need to be considered in the planning,

tendering and procurement?

  • How do you benefit as an architect, builder or construction

business owner?

There were standing environmental, health and energy-related aspects of the ingredients of building materials in the center. The speakers connected their procurement with experience and examples directly from the site. Furthermore, there was given information to the question what tools are at your disposal? What should I consider in a sustainable procurement process?

Workshop pictures:

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BAUakademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg
DI Wolfgang Konrad