Workshop - Minimum sustainability criteria for the renovation of public buildings in Veneto

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Workshop details

Title: “Opportunities and challenges for sustainable renovation of public buildings and social housing in Veneto Region - Workshop PA”

Date: 10.12.2014

Duration: 9:00 m- 1:30 pm

Location: “Lybra” Meeting Room - VEGA Lybra Building –Foreground - Via delle Industrie 17/A - Marghera (VE)

Target audience: Public Administrations (PA) social housing agencies, ESCO and other institutions working with the PA

Number of participants: 34

Workshop topics

  • Harmonization of sustainable building assessments systems in Europe
  • Achievements of the current Veneto Regional law n° 4/2007 on sustainable buildings
  • PA needs for the renovation of public and social housing building stock (buildings life cycle)
  • Supporting structure and services for sustainable building in Veneto Region
  • Identification of a possible set of evaluation criteria and indicators for the refurbishment of public and social housing building stocks in Veneto Region (based on CESBA)

Workshop outputs

The workshop has been organized by the Veneto Region as part of the official consultation tables with local authorities and territorial stakeholders (TTP - Permanent Technical Board).

On the base of the past experience of the Veneto regional law on sustainable buildings (LR 4/2007) and of the current local needs, public administrations and stakeholders of the energy and construction sector discussed the selection of a possible set of performance indicators to be used to evaluate renovations projects of public and social housing buildings in accordance with the “Key Performance Indicators” and the "Reference Performance Indicators" developed by the CESBA initiative.

An heterogeneous group of different stakeholders (Regional directions of Urban planning, Energy and Public Works, Municipalities, and territorial entities, ATER (Social Housing), University, Energy companies and E.S.Co., environmental organizations and public administration consultants) suggested a set of 11 key criteria that could be used to allocate EU and regional funds for renovation of the public and social buildings stock Veneto in the next programming period (2014-2020). Have been selected 11 Key Indicators organized per assessment area.

The indentification of Reference performance indicators it’s the first step to integrate environmental and energy aspects in the process of renovation of public and social housing buildings stocks.

The next step is to define local frameworks and targets to be achieved so to provide to the regional legislator the necessary information for the application of this set of criteria, raise awareness of both local authorities and the various stakeholders, including professionals and designers. Additional meetings and the expansion of the panel of those involved is needed to validate the outputs of the workshop and create the conditions for their adoption.

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