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Workshop details

Title: Mayor breakfast - "Sustainable construction in municipal buildings with examples"

Date: 17/05/2014

Duration: 3h

Location: sps-architekten zt gmbh, Riedlstraße 8 – oh456, 5303 Thalgau

Target audience: State politicians, mayors, politicians of the local council, in building civil servants, architects

Number of participants: 22

Projectpartner: PP2 / BLS

Workshop topics

Localization of the problems in sustainable building at municipal buildings

Workshop outputs

There was Keynote Speech held by architect Dipl.-Ing. Simon Speigner, Managing Director of sps-architekten zt gmbh relating to sustainable construction in municipal buildings. Architect Speigner built in the state of Salzburg a number of sustainable buildings for the public (eg Hallein nursing home). Furthermore some videos were shown with some interviews with mayors in Vorarlberg (see CESBA video). They talked about their difficulties in the implementation of public building projects in their community with the goal of sustainability. Then there was a moderated discussion with the participants about the issues.

Generally, it shall be determined by the present people that the construction of sustainable public buildings emerge from a variety of problems. An important obstacle is the applicable standard and legal requirements for public buildings. In addition to the technical standards also exists the problem of financing and the acceptance by the citizens as future users. The present mayor stressed that the construction of a sustainable building still needs recent political courage and the project must be well communicated to the citizens. In most cases it is worth the construction of such buildings and is an asset to the community. In the future, it is necessary that the required standards are adapted to and that the financing of such sustainable buildings are preferred.

Workshop pictures


BAUakademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg
DI Wolfgang Konrad