Workshop - Mass sustainable certification of public buildings

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Sustainable construction workshop organised for representatives of Local energy agency of Gorenjska for further discussion about mass certification tool for evaluation of building sustainability.

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Workshop details

Title: Mass sustainable certification of public buildings in Municipality of Kranj.

Date: 3. April 2015

Duration: 11:00 – 14:00

Location: Gi-ZRMK, Dimičeva 12 , 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Target audience: Public authorities

Number of participants: 8

Workshop topics

  • Developing strategies of mass certification.
  • Indicators and their possible simplification needed for mass certification in Municipality of Kranj.

Workshop outputs

Discussion was oriented on possibilities of pilot mass certification of public buildings in municipality of Kranj. Detailed presentation of CESBA indicators and the methodology of sustainable evaluation was presented. Further discussion was focused on assessment indicators that could be included in simplified tool for mass certification, data needed for indicator calculation in respect to currently available data that can be obtained from their energy bookkeeping. It was agreed, that indicators included in mass certification, should have easily available data that is currently available. Discussion was also oriented towards commissioning phase and monitoring / usage phase in order to monitor indicators levels and quality assurance.

CESBA evaluation of buildings in Municipality of Kranj could represent a base point for further activities in the field of construction or renovations of public buildings in terms of assessment of environmental, economic and social impacts in the local community.

Sources and further information

Municipality of Kranj covers a total area of 148 square kilometres and has a population of 50,825 people (2002) living in 48 settlements. One of eleven Slovene urban municipalities, which have regional relevance. It is located in the central part of Gorenjska, Slovenia’s north western region, at the foot of the Alps. Kranj is an important centre of the Gorenjska region.

Local energy agency of Gorenjska (LEAG) was founded as public institution by Municipality of Kranj in 2009 and was co-financed with European Commission programme Intelligent Energy Europe (2010-2012). Agency is consulting municipalities and companies with preparation of Local energy concepts, proposals for energy management, strategy use of RES and documents required by law. LEAG is helping local institutions at planning projects of RES and RUE. Activities are directed in public awareness in transition from use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources as biomass, geothermal, solar and hydroelectric energy. The aim is realization of energy, environmental and international objectives in the field of RES and RUE. LEAG has implemented Energy bookkeeping in over 100 public buildings (with usable area over 500 m2) since 2011. It is implemented in 11 Gorenjska region municipalities.



Building and Civil Engineering Institute ZRMK,