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This CABEE workshop on mass sustainable building certification workshop was organised for the local authorities of Municipality of Kranj and representatives of Local energy agency of Gorenjska. Session was dedicated on presentation of mass certification tools for evaluation of building sustainability. Focus of discussion was on experiences from Regio Piemonte.

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Workshop details

Title: Mass sustainable certification of public buildings.

Date: 28. January 2015

Duration: 11:00 – 13:00

Location: LEAG, Stara cesta 5, 4000 Kranj , Slovenija

Target audience: Public authorities

Number of participants: 8

Workshop topics

  • Presentation of CABEE project
  • Sustainable models for buildings evaluation (CESBA).
  • Sustainable certification of public buildings in Regione Piemonte.

Workshop outputs

The technical expert Arch. Andrea Moro presented examples for sustainable certification of public buildings in Regione Piemonte, explained the development strategy of Regione Piemonte and highlighted the challenges that had to be overcome prior to successful integration of sustainable certification in public procurement. Technical expert Andrea Moro also presented use of sustainable building certification tool Protocollo Itaca developed for Regio Piemonte, rules of public procurement for sustainable buildings and corporation between public authorities and SME’s. Requirements that buildings have to meet in order to obtain available subsidies and methods of construction verification. Benefits and challenges of such approach for building construction was discussed.

The participating employees of public authorities showed interested in best practice and practical assessment of sustainable buildings. Discussion was oriented towards the challenges of CESBA sustainability assessment in practice for the needs of Green Public Procurement. All participants consent on the importance of sustainable development and achieving set goals.

Sources and further information

Municipality of Kranj covers a total area of 148 square kilometres and has a population of 50,825 people (2002) living in 48 settlements. One of eleven Slovene urban municipalities, which have regional relevance. It is located in the central part of Gorenjska, Slovenia’s north western region, at the foot of the Alps. Kranj is an important centre of the Gorenjska region



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