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This workshop was conducted within the CABEE project.

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Workshop details

Title: "Insulation" – Truth and Fiction

Date: 09/12/2014

Duration: 2,5

Location: BAUAkademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg, Moosstraße 197, 5020 Salzburg

Target audience: SMEs from the construction industry

Number of participants: 60

Workshop topics

Information and discussion about the environmental impacts of different thermal insulations

Workshop outputs

Lately always appear different messages about thermal insulation and in particular the insulation in the media. Statements such as… Insulation is not as effective as always maintained.... a house must also be able to breathe .... Styropor on the wall is an ecological can read. The event was co-organized with the platform "innovative building" and gave the opportunity to replace prejudice by facts about insulation. Products and systems have been introduced and compared objectively. In addition to the prices, also the ecological evaluation of building materials was compared.

There were given answers to the following important questions: Which insulation is the best? Which insulation is the best, decides the project. There are different demands on the insulation in the building. This can usually only be fulfilled through different materials. How pays insulation? In this presentation the different insulation materials were compared according to economic, environmental and sustainability. Interior insulation – A structural damage? In this presentation, a special case of insulation was presented and the advantages and disadvantages were identified. In further three presentations different insulation materials were presented by company representatives. In addition to styropor, this was timber fiber and other natural materials. At the end of the event the opportunity to the participants was given, to discuss with the speakers about the main problems.

Workshop pictures

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BAUakademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg
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