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What solutions on construction sites to reduce non-quality? How to optimize the environmental performance of projects? How to improve the economic performance of projects? How to integrate a quality management system? What are the requirements in terms of building quality? What are the contributions of lean manufacturing?

Workshop details

Title: Sustainable construction: how to improve practices

Date: 20 january 2015, Villefontaine, France

Duration:: 4 hours

Location:: CCI Nord Isère, Villefontaine, France

Target audience:: SMEs and their local profesional organizations

Number of participants:: 25

Workshop topics

* Topic 1: SMEs work quality improvement on building project, by Maurice Victoire (CETIM)

* Topic 2: Analysis of good and bad practices on 38 buildings, by Claire Vilasi (VAD)

* Topic 3: How to check the good functioning of installations at reception phase, experience on 9 CABEE pilot project, by Julien Allirot (AGEDEN)

Workshop outputs

1 - CETIM : Maurice Victoire : SME’s work quality improvement on building project Improvement process: - Observation of the work practices on site - Analyse and priorities - Improvement propositions - Test of the propositions and adaptation - New rules Work done on the pilot project : collection of examples of bad practices and improvement solutions and constitution of a data base

2 – VAD : Claire Vilasi : 38 projects analyse : collection of good and bad practices Analyse of 21 project in 2013 and 18 projects in 2014. New buildings and renovation, work in progress or already finished. Collection of : - Best practices - Bad practices Capitalization per project and/or per subject

3 – AGEDEN : Julien Allirot : CABEE pilot project : how to verify the installations Analyse of the documents concerning heating system in the public tenders and verification of the results at the end of the work. There is a big gap between what is expected and what is done. The control has to be improved. Production of guide lines recommandation for building owners.

Sources and further information


LOGO RAEE final web.png

Laurent Chanussot, Rhônalpénergie-Environnement (RAEE)