Workshop - Guideline for building users: toward the implementation

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This workshop was conducted with in the CABEE project.

Workshop details

Title: Guideline for building users: toward the implementation

Date: 13.10.2014

Duration: 15:00 - 18:00

Location: Bolzano, Italy

Target audience: SMEs and professionals

Number of participants: 14

Workshop Summary

This is the third workshop aimed at defining the contents of a user guideline for high efficient building. In the previous ones it has been highlighted the main problems to be addressed in the guidelines and the features of the guide. At this stage, a particular focus is devoted also for the maintenance phase of the building and the impact on the users. Moreover, strategies for the future application of the user guideline are discussed. Therefore, the first part is dedicated to the introduction of the topics to be faced during the discussion. On first, Dr. Ulrich Klemmsteiner (Agenzia CasaClima) presents the new energy certification model with the implementation of the basic information for the users and the open issues. Then Roberta Pernetti /EURAC) introduced the problem of user behaviour considering a series of monitored case studies and highlighting the discrepancies between actual and predicted performance due to a wrong management of the Building and HVAC system.

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Finally, Davide Gigli (TIS) presented the results of the survey on the habit and awareness of users regarding energy saving measures. The aim of the user guideline is to create a link between the SMEs which provide products and which construct the buildings with the final user. The discussion was oriented to the definition of the most critical aspects during the operational phase of a high efficient building, and how to inform the users that with simple checks and actions it is possible to improve the performances of the building. It has been pointed out that, sometimes, the users have a wrong behavior in response to a discomfort situation, thus the indications in the guideline should be focused to the comfort perception of the users. Therefore, the main problem is to identify the most common discomfort situations for buildings and define some possible actions or solutions for the users. In particular, the main problems identified are related to the indoor air quality, the indoor temperature, the presence of humidity and mold, and the difficulties in the control of mechanical ventilation. In particular, for each issue, a series of measures have been defined according to the following framework: • Control that the user could do to identify the problem • User intervention to mitigate or solve the problem • Maintenance (by a maintenance service/construction company) that is necessary to overcome the detected problem. These considerations are also useful for the actions within the Work Package 5, related to the user behavior. Some indications have been also implemented in the user guidelines delivered to the analyzed buildings within MA5.2.

Useful support document: • Casaclima booklet (link to the guideline for the CasaClima building certificate: a short explanation of the features of the energy labelling and a short list of indications for the users)