Workshop - Guideline for building users: structure and contents

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Workshop details

Title: Towards the definition of a guideline for building users. Step 2: Structure and development

Date: 20.09.2013

Duration: 10:00 - 13:00

Location: Bolzano, Italy

Target audience:SMEs

Number of participants: not known

Workshop summary: first work table

After a brief introduction by Roberta Pernetti (EURAC) on the project CABEE and on the main outcomes of the first workshop for SMEs, the work table started. The topic was related to possible recommendations for the users during the building design and construction phase. Therefore, some proposal on:

  • criteria for selecting the technician
  • criteria for selecting the building materials
  • criteria for selecting building plants
  • legal responsibility and users rights

were discussed.

Workshop summary: second work table

After the break, the second work table started. The topic dealt with information for the users to manage efficiently their efficient houses; the discussion was structured in two main themes:

  • How to manage the envelope of the building
  • How to control and maintain the HVAC system

During the two sessions of the workshop, a draft of the main points which should be included in the user guideline was presented, discussed and a final draft of the contents was validated. At the beginning, some considerations on the general approach of the manual were carried out: the guideline should be structured in different levels of complexity. It should contain a general introduction with a didactic part where the concept of sustainable building should be explained. Moreover, the discussion dealt with the duties and the rights of the users in the project and construction phase. In particular, the importance of having a list of the main documents which could be useful for the users was highlighted. Further the meaning and the utility of them were shortly explained, in order to foster the comprehension and the awareness of users. During the second work table, the discussion was oriented to the operational phase of buildings, and some indications for user behavior were emphasized. In general, it was highlighted that the contents should have to be divided in different sections according to the efficiency level of the building (with/without mechanical ventilation, renewable energies). During the discussion, it was highlighted that the HVAC system has a regular maintenance mandatory by law; hence the efficiency of the HVAC system is monitored, instead of the building envelope. Therefore, a check-list should be useful for the users in order to control the envelope. Moreover some indications on the winter and summer management of buildings were carried out, in particular the set point temperature of different spaces, and the operational schedule of the building plants during winter and the correct control of the solar shading during summer. Finally, some considerations on natural ventilation according to the building usage were identified. One slogan was proposed to promote the awareness of users: A nZEB needs you!

Results of the Workshop

A draft of the main points of the envelope check-list was elaborated, considering some signals and the relating meaning, for example the formation of mold on the opaque surfaces, the air tightness of the windows, the presence of moisture on glass surfaces. Moreover, a draft of the building user guideline was validated by the participants.


Download the workshop agenda here