Workshop - Environmental requirements for buildings

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This workshop was conducted with in the CABEE project.

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Workshop details

Title: Environmental requirements for buildings

Date: 4.2.2014

Duration: 9:00 - 16:00

Location: Ljubljana, City Hotel

Target audience: public authorities on the national level

Number of participants: 36

Workshop topics

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  • Building certification
  • Green public procurement
  • Environmental requirements, sustainable construction, the role of local communities in building refurbishment

Workshop outputs

Three consecutive workshops were organised by Ministry of agriculture and environment in order to discuss about different certification methods in Europe, CESBA and especially about sustainable construction and Decree on green public procurement in Slovenia which causes a lot of confusion within SMEs and public authorities. The participants in the first workshop were represented by different architecture/planner/engineer entities and public authorities. As the content is consistent to CABEE project, Pososki razvojni center also contributed to the workshop as CABEE partner with presentation of activities in the project. Presentations on certification methods were given in the first part of the workshop, where also CESBA and CABEE project were presented. The second part was more interactive - participants discussed about strengths and weaknesses of Decree on green public procurement in Slovenia and proposed several solutions for its improvement.

As Slovenia currently does not have its own sustainable building certification method, the idea of a common tool was well accepted. In the field of national green public procurement a lot of suggestions were given to take into consideration not only environmental requirements for buildings but also sustainable ones - especially regarding local building materials which are often neglected.

Sources and further information

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