Workshop - Energy projects of UAS Rosenheim – a political information day

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The secretaries of state inform themselves about energy projects at UAS

Workshop details

Title: Energy projects of UAS Rosenheim – a political information day

Date: 28.11.2014

Duration: 2h

Location: University of applied sciences Rosenheim, Hochschulstraße 1, 83024 Rosenheim

Target audience: Regional and high level politicians

Number of participants: 14

Workshop topics

  • Presentation of energy activities of the UAS Rosenheim
  • Research project “Horse dung biomass pellets” – Status Quo
  • Activities of the initiative “Energiezukunft Rosenheim” (ezro)
  • Visits to energy labs of UAS Rosenheim

Workshop outputs

When the Bavarian state minister, Mrs. Ilse Aigner, and the head of the state chancellery, Dr. Marcel Huber, visited UAS Rosenheim, one of the topics was the planned Development of the university with its new sites within the region. Still, the focus of attention was energy. Sustainable energy supply, energy technology and energy efficiency are subject of several technical courses of study and projects of the R&D Department.

During the viewing of the laboratory of energy and environmental technology Prof. Dr. Dominikus Bücker and doctoral candidate Cornelius Uhl explained a research project concerning the extraction of biomass pellets from horse dung and its pelletisation plant to the secretary of state and all those present. Besides new, sustainable energy suppliers, the researchers of UAS Rosenheim also investigate resource friendly building techniques and parts for new buildings as well as redevelopments. These projects belong to the research field “Energy Efficient Material and Technologies”. Moreover, UAS Rosenheim houses a Fraunhofer center of Building Technology. The Bavarian economics minister was delighted about the activities of the initiative [ Energiezukunft Rosenheim (ezro)], which is a union of communal and private players conducted by the academic management of UAS Rosenheim and works hard for a sustainable energy supply in the region. Furthermore this initiative takes over the role of the regional operation committee of the project partner UAS Rosenheim. At the following meeting of the board of trustees of the university the present politicians, including secretary of state Mrs. Aigner, discussed the planned further development of the UAS Rosenheim and possible political support together with stand-ins of the university and the chairman Klaus Stöttner. The agenda of the meeting especially included the new courses of study which are to come into being at the different new sites of the university within the following years.


Mr. Wolfgang Alversammer, University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim