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This workshop for SME's was conducted within the CABEE project in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Workshop details

Full title of workshop

Energy efficient headquarters (Energieeffizientes Bauen: Der innovative Firmensitz)

Date, duration and location of workshop

Date: 15th of October, 2014

Duration: 5pm-7pm

Location: Galileo-Huis, Kägiswil

Target audience and participants

Target audience: SME's

Number of participants: 41

Workshop topics

  • Energy-efficient head offices for SMEs
  • Sustainable Energy production and building technologies
  • Photovoltaic cells on balcony balustrades

Workshop picture(s)

CABEE Workshop NMS1 15.10.2014 2.JPG
CABEE Workshop NMS1 15.10.2014 3.JPG

Workshop outputs

To attract a large variety of SME-representatives the workshop was held in the field at the so called “Galileo-Huis”. The headoffice of AG is equipped with solar panels on top and at the southern front, a wind turbine on the roof and a heating solution including the nearby biogas plant. The house, built in Minergie-Standard, includes LED-lighting and a charging station for the first electric car of the company. In his welcoming words, Christian Frank gave an introduction into the field of energy efficient buildings, the different activities of InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz and the project CABEE. Afterwards Mr. Lussi (CEO of introduced the house and its characteristics. Then Mr. Glocker of CSEM explained, how they locally created a solar cell system for balcony railings. The event was followed by an apero where the different themes of the evening were intensely discussed.


Christian Frank, Willy Küchler, Sonja Geier, Eveline Thaler InnovationsTransfer Zentralschweiz

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