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This workshop was conducted with in the CABEE project.

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Workshop details

Title: Law information and answers about energy badging

Date: 14.10.2013

Duration: 10:00 - 17:00

Location: LCT One, Dornbirn AUSTRIA

Target audience: Chamber of Commerce - Members of the group engineering

Number of participants: 14

Workshop topics

The workshop leader Mag Rainer Frank, an independent lawyer of the law firm Fritsch | Kollmann | Folk & Partners in Graz presented legally valid information and answers about the energy badging. In addition to the technical input from practice questions were adequately addressed and discussed, experiences exchanged and networks established.

By the completion of the Higher Technical College in the Department of "building construction" and the study of architecture Mr. Rainer Frank is predominantly engaged with the legal aspects of planning, execution and construction management. Long experience has Mr. Frank as a lecturer in the field of energy badging in many Austrian provinces and as a continually commissioned coach of the Institute for Economic Promotion (WIFI) Styria.


Mag Rainer Frank Independent lawyer at the law firm Fritsch | Kollmann | Folk & Partners in Graz


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