Workshop - Circulation system versus holding band

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Workshop details

Title: Circulation system versus holding band in the drinking water distribution - considered an old topic new

Date: 17.06.2014

Duration: 10:00 - 17:00

Location: LCT One, Dornbirn AUSTRIA

Target audience: Chamber of Commerce - Members of the group engineering

Number of participants: 7

Workshop topics

At the workshop based information were shown around the history of holding bands, the influence of hot water distribution and findings from recent studies. In addition to the technical input issues from practice were addressed. Competent technical information, discussion and exchange of experience was linked with Networking.

History of holding bands, application area, and usage in the hot water distribution. Special qualities compared to circulation systems and requirements in construction. Influence on the hot water distribution and findings from the latest studies of the NTB Buchs and the Technical University of Dresden.

Practical example: Planning, design, comparison of alternatives based on a matrix in terms of energy efficiency, investment and operating costs, hygiene relevance, maintenance, comfort and space requirements, etc. Discussion round, looks across the border, exchange of experiences and a sum up.


Milo Tettamanti Regional Sales Manager at Pentair Technical Solutions in Switzerland and President of the Swiss Association of Plumbing and heating engineers.


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