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This workshop was conducted within the CABEE project.

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Workshop details

Title: Building for the age

Date: 04-05/12/2014

Duration: 9 hours

Location: BAUAkademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg, Moosstraße 197, 5020 Salzburg

Target audience: State politicians, mayors, politicians of the local council, in building civil servants, architects

Number of participants: 20

Workshop topics

Special seminar on building for an aging society. Awareness training for representatives of public organizations and construction

Workshop outputs

The goal of the seminar: To be able to live at home in any situation is the goal of all human beings. Just the majority of existing buildings it is not aligned. The renovation of this building is a task for the local policy and opens a future market for the construction industry! This seminar teaches the basics of planning and execution, the funding opportunities for the public sector, as well as counseling skills for a fair old and thus barrier-free building. The seminar included an excursion to various public buildings for "assisted living" and a new public retirement home.

In the seminar, the demographic change was explained and the various alternative models of living for older people were presented. In this context, the Front Runner Project "Social house for the eldery of the 2000s" in Italy was discussed. This project was planned especially for a mix of old and young people and there stand also the affordable and sustainable living in the foreground. Furthermore, the participants were given opportunity to get the experience of the problems of a wheelchair user on a specific course. In the afternoon during an excursion various public projects in Salzburg were visited. The mayor of the municipal explained the difficulties of such projects, as well as the benefits. The provision of special housing for the elderly is cheaper than the construction and operation of nursing homes. Another example demonstrated the organizational and architectural requirements for people suffering from Alzheimer. On the next day the legal and technical requirements were presented and exemplary embodiment of important installations were shown.

Workshop pictures

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BAUakademie Lehrbauhof Salzburg

DI Wolfgang Konrad