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The Vysocina Region is one of the 14 self-governing regions into which the Czech Republic is divided. The regions were formally created in 2000 and have been gradually assuming functions previously administered by the state. The Vysocina Region covers a territory of 6 795,7 km2 (5th largest region in the Czech Republic) with a population of 510 209 inhabitants (3rd least populated region). The regional capital and administrative centre of the region is Jihlava (50 510 inhabitants). The regional economy mainly focuses on industry (automobile, mechanical engineering and metal-working), with quite an important role of agriculture as well. The Vysocina Region carries out functions of general public administration. In particular, within its independent powers, it takes care of the comprehensive development of its territory and the needs of its population.

Official name of institution and involved department

Kraj Vysočina (official name in English: Vysocina Region)

Department of Regional Development

Type of organization

Region – a higher-level territorial administrative unit with self-governing capacity, according to Act No 129/2000, Collection of Laws, on Regions

Location of organization

Country: Czech Repbublic

Experiences in EU projects

Experience status

Both project partner and lead partner collaboration experience

Topics of interest and experience

  • Sustainable building and neighbourhoods
  • Low-carbon applications and technologies

Projects already involved in

Contact data

Kraj Vysočina

Žižkova 57

587 33 Jihlava, Czech Republic

tel.: 00420 564 602 111

fax: 00420 564 602 420

e-mail: posta@kr-vysocina.cz

Homepage of organization

Homepage of Vysocina Region