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The pilot region Leiblachtal of the CESBA Alps project is managed by the project partner Regional Development Vorarlberg.

  • Norhternmost region Region in Vorarlberg, Austria
  • The valley is bordering the Allgäu region in Bavaria, Germany, and the Lake of Constance
  • Region with five municipalities: Lochau, Hörbranz, Hohenweiler, Möggers and Eichenberg
  • Inhabitants: 14.300
  • Surface: 5.046 ha

The municipalities of the Leiblachtal have joined forces since some years in a development association. They focus on the development of a model energy region in collaboration with the local energy teams.

Project objectives

  • Implementation of the strategy towards energy self sufficiency in Vorarlberg on the example of the Leiblachtal
  • Set up of structures for a long-term monitoring of sustainble development in the region
  • Development and implementation of a system of incentives for continuous improvement

Project content

The development of a territorial assessment tool for the Leiblachtal can rely on the very detailed research and data collection from the compilation of the energy concept for the Leiblachtal which has been carried out within the EU project CABEE. In close exchange with the energy and spatial planning departments of the Land Vorarlberg an assessment and a continuous monitoring with a precision of 100x100 m will be developed. The development and implementation of a system to incentivise regions to a sustainable low-carbon economy and construction is very important for the Land Vorarlberg. The method should support a lived energy planning. In the Leiblachtal the project participants will test and elaborate how the data needed for the monitoring can continuously be made available and how the results can be visualised through an impact model. The local steering and working groups for territorial assessment will test the assessment methods developed by the project in the pilot region and will give a feedback on the manageability of the selected indicators. Based on the Leiblachtal example, incentives will be developed for Vorarlberg in cooperation with the services of the Land which should serve as levers for energy saving and increasing energy production from renewable sources. These incentives should be transferable to other regions in Vorarlberg and bring the region a step further towards energy self-sufficiency. The concept supports the implementation of strategies for energy planning.

Project activities

Development of an instrument for territorial assessment

  • Definition of key indicators and data collection
  • Data synthesis and development of a regional instrument for energy planning

- 28.2.2019: news item on the training of municipality representatives with the central energy database
- 12.12.2018: news item on the presentation of the project results in the pilot region Leiblachtal

- 30.11.2017: news item on the preparation of a central energy database for the Leiblachtal

Pilot tests and trainings for territorial assessment and monitoring

  • Collaboration in the regional steering committee and working group
  • Testing the developed energy planning instrument
  • Validate the key indicators
  • Elaborate training material

Innovative policies for sustainable territories

  • Alignment with the strategies of the Land Vorarlberg
  • Investigation of implementation options and incentive systems

15 September 2017, Eichenberg: Regional event on mobility
Report (German with English summary): Mobilität im Leiblachtal – Energie und Raumentwicklung neu denken (Mobility in the Leiblachtal – New approaches for energy and spatial development)
A comprehensive documentation is available in German here.


Regional Development Vorarlberg eGen: Hof 19, 6861 Alberschwende; Projektwerkstatt: Färbergasse 17b, 6850 Dornbirn, office@regio-v.at, +43 5579 7171, www.regio-v.at

Energy region Leiblachtal: Mayor Karl Hehle / President, Lindauerstr. 58, 6912 Hörbranz, gemeinde@hoerbranz.at, +43 5573 82222