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This article deals with the central output of the AlpEnergy project.

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Virtual Power System (VPS) is a novel concept defined and investigated in scope of AlpEnergy project. This document is a result of the research efforts invested during the project in building the VPS concept.The document aims at providing solid foundations for further research in the field and for some advanced topics concerning possible future scenarios it looks to spark a discussion in the research community. The document aims at spreading research attention on VPS beyond the project duration and outside the project consortium. It is complementary to other Alpenergy documents such as "Alpenergy Guidelines for decision Makers and Practitioners".

Target group/users

Researchers, engineers of electrical companies

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: AlpEnergy

Funding programme: Alpine space programme

Publication date


Regions of implementation:

Allgäu GmbH - AI (Germany)

Consorzio BIM Piave di Belluno - BIM (Italy)

Provincia di Mantova - PMAN (Italy)

Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta - AOSTA (Italy)

Rhône-Alpes (france)




Name of contact person: Ludwig Karg and Kerstin Kleine-Hegermann

Adress: B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH

Gotzinger Str.48-50

81371 München

Telefon: +49 089 189 35-212

Fax: +49 089 189 35 199

Website: Homepage of B.A.U.M. Group

Download and source

Virtual Power Systems Study for Researchers (2011)