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ViSiBLE is a transnational project of the Alpine Space Programme. The term ViSiBLE stands for "Valorization of Sustainable Alpine Space nearly zero-energy Building and Low-carbon Experiences". Many EU funded projects have approached the topics of energy efficiency, a low-carbon economy and sustainable building within the last years. Platforms and networks on sustainable buildings have been launched, many pilot activities have been conducted successfully and valuable know-how has been accumulated. Especially projects funded via the Alpine Space Programme have gained valuable experience. ViSiBLE therefore focuses on the valoristion, i.e. dissemination and exploitation, of sustainable building and low carbon experiences in the Alpine Space and beyond and will thus contribute to improve the sustainability of the built environment in Europe.

General information

Project partners
Project duration
  • September 2013 - November 2014
Project Budget
  • Total budget: 494.700 EUR
  • Total European Regional Development Fund contribution: 375.972 EUR

Project aims and message

The project promotes a holistic, lifecycle and neighbourhood-oriented approach for sustainable public building assessment. Within the building sector, the public administration can and should play an exemplary role in the promotion of an integrated perspective on nearly zero-energy buildings. However, the plethora and mismatch of building regulations at EU and national levels leads to considerable administrative burdens and to a very fragmented sustainable construction market.

Many regions in the Alpine Space have accumulated excellent know-how in this field, pand are now able to contribute to positioning the Alpine Space as thematic leader on EU level.

This project will focus on strategic policy development from an Alpine perspective and will make achievements visible for stakeholders. It will identify results and successes of selected projects and highlight the capacities, needs and gaps on a transnational level for the programming of the ASP 2014+.

The overall objective of the project is to promote the harmonisation and standardisation of an integrated perspective on nZEBs and to contribute to make the Alpine Space visible as thematic leader on EU level. This will mainly be achieved by bringing added value to running and closed projects and by providing input for the Alpine Space Programme 2014+.

The following four specific objectives have been identified for the project:

  1. To identify the transnational needs and analyse the institutional frameworks and capacities with regards to an integrated perspective on nZEBs.
  2. To track the main achievements of EU-funded projects in the thematic field of low-carbon economy and energy efficiency with a focus on nZEBs
  3. To disseminate and valorise EU project achievements with regards to nZEBs
  4. To develop synergies and contribute to transnational policy development with regards to an integrated per-spective on low-carbon economy and nZEBs

Work packages and project outputs

The ViSiBLE project consists of five work packages. Three of them are thematic work packages that will be presented in the following.

WP3: Information and Publicity

Contents of WP3

WP3 focuses on general project communication for ViSiBLE. WP3 is connected to all content-related WPs. Since ViSiBLE is a dissemination project, project communication is crucial. Especially the project workshops of WP4 and WP5 will be communicated to the wider public via newsletter, website and press releases.

Main outputs of WP3

ViSiBLE Result booklet

The ViSiBLE Result booklet presents key deliverables and benefits of ViSiBLE and is the final output of the project. All partners contributed to its contents and layout.

Result booklet.JPG

Information material and press releases

Participation in events

WP4: Identification of results

Contents of WP4

WP4 contributes directly to objectives 1 and 2 of the project, which are:

  1. To identify the transnational needs and analyse the institutional framework and capacities
  2. To track the main technical and policy achievements of ASP projects in the thematic field of low-carbon economy and energy efficiency with a focus on nZEBs.

For this identification of results, a survey among 20 EU projects dealing with climate change, low-carbon mobility, renewable energies and especially sustainable building has been conducted. The result of this survey is the progress report Identification of successes and common challenges for EU-funded projects ViSiBLE. In this report, valuable outputs of these projects have been identified and 50 of them are described in the ViSiBLE Resource Book. Most of these outputs have also been included in the CESBA Wiki. There is also the task to include these outputs in the CESBA framework, which is the CESBA cycle. This task will be completed in summer 2014. The results of WP4, the CESBA initiative and their contribution to EU goals regarding a sustainable built environment will be written down in the ViSiBLE policy paper that will be presented by MEP Mercedes Bresso in Brussels during the Open Days - 12th European Week of cities and regions at the 7th of October, 2014.

Outputs of WP 4

WP5: Valorization of results

Contents of WP5

WP5 contributes directly to objectives 3 and 4 of the project, which are:

  1. To disseminate and valorise ASP project achievements
  2. To develop synergies and contribute to transnational policy development

In work package 5, the achievements of European projects on energy efficiency, a low-carbon economy and especially sustainable building are capitalized. This is done via communication material on CESBA, the establishment of the transnational knowledge hub CESBA Wiki and an analysis of relevant EU funding programmes. Within 5 national workshops held in June 2014, people interested and involved in EU projects elaborated recommendations for the Alpine Space Programme 2014+. The results will be summed up in a workshop report and be presented to the Joint technical secretariat.

Outputs of WP5

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