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This article deals with the ENERBUILD publication on user habits, impact on energy consumption in passive houses. It is an output from the ENERBUILD project.


This publication describes the result of monitoring of Passive houses in 6 Alpine space regions. The study was commissioned by the project partner EURAC and provides an overview on energy consumption and living comfort of actual best practice buildings with the objective to examine problems of existing constructions, to evaluate the problem areas and derive solutions and expertise by collecting empirical values. The results can be used as support for impulses for the Alpine region enterprises dealing with energy efficiency in buildings and can help developers and technology suppliers by giving inputs for discussion and orientation on energy efficient buildings. The documented positive experiences of inhabitants are suitable for advertising and foster high energy efficient buildings in the Alpine Space.

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Target group/users

Public administration, users of buildings, political decision makers

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: ENERBUILD

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

June 2012

Regions of implementation:

The study was conducted in six Alpine regions:

  • Germany: Upper Bavaria
  • Italy: South Tyrol
  • Switzerland: Central Switzerland
  • Austria: Tyrol
  • Italy: Piemonte
  • Austria: Vorarlberg




TIS Techno Innovation South Tyrol


User habits, impact on energy consumption in passive houses - Results of a comprehensive long-term measurement