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Trnava Self – Governing Region is an independent regional authority set up by the Slovak law No. 302/2001 Coll. As independent legal entity it is responsible for the overall development of Trnava region in main aspects: economic, social, cultural, health services, tourism and environmental protection. Trnava region is located in south-west Slovakia with regional capital city Trnava (app. 75 000 inhabitants). Trnava Self – Governing Region is also responsible for spatial planning and investment activities in Trnava region (mainly in schools, social services and road infrasture) as well as for environmental protection and RES & EE issues. Trnava Self – Governing Region is also very active in international cooperation at regional level.

Official name of institution and involved department

Trnava Self – Governing Region (Trnavsky samospravny kraj), Regional Development Agency (Agentura regionalneho rozvoja)

Type of organization


Location of organization

Country: Trnava, Slovakia

Experiences in EU projects

Trnava Self – Governing Region is very active in EU funded projects implementation in majority of cases as project partner (national and transnational level). However, in several cross border cooperation projects it took also role of lead partner and main cross border partner.

Experience status

Experience status: Lead partner collaboration experience, project partner collaboration experience

Topics of interest and experience

So far Trnava Self - Governing Region has mainly been focusing on development and restoration of regional infrastructure (secondary schools, social services, roads, tourism facilities – e.g. bike routes). Within cross border cooperation there have been several projects with Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary in the field of environmental protection (e.g. flood management, RES & EE measures), SME support and youth education.

  • Environment and nature protection
  • Sustainable building and neighbourhoods

Transnational projects already involved in

Within OP Central Europe and OP South-East Europe Trnava Self – Governing Region has been participating in 4 pilot projects between 10/2011 – 12/2014:

  • CEC5 (Demonstration of energy efficiency and utilisation of renewable energy sources through public buildings);
  • CEP-REC (Introduction of Regional Energy Concepts);
  • SEERISK (Risk assessment and common risk management in the Danube region);

Contact data

MSc. Zuzana Luptakova,

Regional Development Agency,

+421/33/5559 653

Homepage of organization

Homepage of Trnava Self Governing Region