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The transnatinal inventory of technologies is a practical output of the IRH Med project.


The inventory lists technologies and materials in the fields of site, energy, water, health and comfort, material and social aspects. For example, ventilated facades, rainwater recycling and building user guides can improve the environmental performance of buildings. You learn about function and application, the benefits, potential restrictions and environmental indicators of the technologies and materials. The inventory is a valuable source for improving the environmental performance of buildings.

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Target group/users

All users of buildings, craftsmen, SME, architects...

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: IRH Med

Funding programme: MED programme

Publication date

August 2012

Regions of implementation:

The proposed materials and technologies fit best in the Mediterranean space, but some of them can also be applied in other European regions.




Marta Rojas Gregorio

Agència de Suport a l'Empresa Catalana


Tel.: +34 935511955


Transnational inventory of technologies IRH Med (2012)