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The transnational baseline report is an output of the CEC5 project that follows the CEC5 transnational comparison study.

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In the CEC5 transnational comparison study, recommendations for the development of a holistic common certification procedure for ecological public buildings have been made. The transnational baseline report focuses on the EPBD and its different kinds of implementation in European countries. The report aims to present a comparison of the national approach to energy efficiency in buildings. In particular, questionnaires have been submitted in order to firstly describe and then compare the national law as regard the adoption of the EPBD. The report analyses national laws and regulations and energy efficiency progresses. It also describes the national frameworks for certification and quality assurance systems. Also, national incentives and subsidies are mentioned in this report.

Target group/users

Sustainable building experts, organizations involved in EU projects, export-oriented SMEs

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: CEC5

Funding programme: Central Europe Programme

Publication date

April 2013

Regions of implementation:

The study was conducted in Austria (Vorarlberg), Germany , Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and the Czech Republic




Municipality of Udine

via Lionello 1

33100 Udine (Italy)

Agnese Presotto

Download and reference

Transnational baseline to energy efficient building CEC5 (2013)