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Opportunities to combine vernacular Alpine building culture with a high energy performance were the central topic of AlpHouse trainings. There are 31 factsheets on training modules that have been conducted within the AlpHouse project. The factsheets can be used as an impulse for implementing training sessions on similar topics. The training material was targeted at craftsmen, SMEs, political stakeholders, architects, and trainers. The training material covers most aspects of the topic of vernacular building and building energy performance. Different target groups are taken into consideration.

Target group/users

Craftsmen, SMEs, political stakeholders, architects, and trainers.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: AlpHouse

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date


Regions of implementation:

Upper Bavaria (GER), Vorarlberg (AT), Salzburger Land (AT), Lombardia (IT), Valle d'Aosta (IT), Veneto (IT), Rhône-Alpes (FR)




HWK – Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Uper Bavaria

Dr. Karlheinz Valtl

Address: Mühlwiesen 4, D- 83278 Traunstein


Phone number: +43691503401

Download and source

AlpHouse training modules