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Training details

Title: Expert Training on the Municipal Building Pass KGA (Kommunalgebäudeausweis)

Date: held on request. last training in November 2013

Duration:half day event

Location: Vorarlberg

Target audience: Architects, building services engineers, structural engineers, construction professionals

Number of participants: up to 30

Training topics

  • Quality assurance and promotion of the municipal building pass (KGA)
  • KGA and architecture, how does that fit together?
  • KGA in the construction process - assistance under the service package "Sustainable:Building in the community"
  • Service package Module 5 "Maintenance & Operations"
  • Discussion with transposing mayors and architects

Training outputs

The planning of "sustainable buildings" has become a challenging task for architects and planners: Energy efficiency, functional and economic aspects of a building, the ecological quality and many other factors have to be brought in line in planning and execution of public buildings with sophisticated design.

As part of the service package "Sustainable:Building in the community" the environmental association with its partners supports municipalities in Vorarlberg in the "sustainable" realization of public buildings. The process of sustainable construction and in which phases access in the planning and execution should be taken, is the central content of the events.

Since January 2011, the funding for new buildings and refurbishments of various municipal building types depends on the energy and ecological quality of implementation. As a basis for the funding the municipal building pass (KGA) has been used for almost two years now. In the event, the experience of the communities and architects with the KGA are discussed and its influence on the planning and execution process analyzed in practice.

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