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This publication is the final output of the innovation work package in the ENERBUILD project.


In the innovation work package different options are illustrated as to how innovations can be made accessible to as many interested parties as possible, and how the regions involved cooperated. On the occasion of the construction of the first Passive House for Canada, built by companies from the Vorarlberg and Tyrol regions and exhibited at the Olympic Games 2010 in Canada, Lead Partner Regional Development Voralberg's goal was to sustainably demonstrate the history of the Passive House” technology as well as to provide a permanent info-point inside the house.

Additionally the Tyrolean Standortagentur played host to the international world of economics, focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energies. These two measures crucially influenced the Canadian interest in Passive House technology.

A similar approach was pursued by the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim participating with a solar house at the worldwide Solar Decathlon 2010 in Europe. This solar house was advertised to a wide public at various exhibitions.

Further examples for innovation within the Alpine sustainable building sector are part of this publication.

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Target group/users

Public administration, SMEs, architects, political decision makers etc.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: ENERBUILD

Funding programme: Alpine Space Programme

Publication date

June 2012

Regions of implementation:

The examples are from the following regions:

  • Germany: Upper Bavaria
  • Austria: Tyrol
  • Canada
  • France: Rhones-Alpes
  • Austria: Styria




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The Alpine World of Innovation - A collection of innovative examples in planning processes, pilot initiatives and stimulation of innovation