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Workshop details





Target audience:

Number of participants:

Workshop topics

Please list, in bullet points, the main topics of the workshop (replace Topic1 and topic 2 etc.).

  • Topic 1
  • Topic 2
  • Topic 3

Workshop outputs

Please list or describe the main outputs of the workshop in 100-400 words. Click on "Advanced" in the edit bar for using bullet points or enumeration.

Sources and further information

Here, you can add documents like the workshop programme or summary. For that, please first open a new window of the CESBA Wiki and click on "upload file" on the sidebar on the left. Add your file, upload it, and copy the title of the uploaded file behind the term "Media:" in the html expression below. Behind the |, please give a title of the document in your own words. For further documents, please copy the term in a second line and proceed as described above.


Please add the name of the project partner who conducted the workshop and the responsible person.