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This catalogue describes the structure and contents of a fair stand on vernacular Alpine building culture, its chances for energy efficiency and an optimal combination of vernacular buildings with modern energy efficiency technologies such as PHPP standards. The catalogue describes the assembly of the exhibition topics as well as the pilot regions and buildings of the area where the fair takes place.

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Target group/users

Builders, political decision makers and the public.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of Project: AlpHouse

Funding Programme: Alpine Space Programme.

Publication date


Regions of implementation:

Fair stand tour went through Upper Bavaria (GER), Vorarlberg (AT), Salzburger Land (AT), Lombardia (IT), Veneto (IT) Valle D'Aosta (IT), Bern (CH)


English, German, Italian, French


Chamber of Trade and Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria

Fritz Schoefinius

Adress: Mühldorfstraße 6; 81671 Munich; Germany

E-Mail: fritz.schoefinius@hwk-muenchen.de

Phone number: +49 89 51 19 22

Download and references

AlpHouse Fair Stand Handbook (English)