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This article serves as an introduction to the sustainability indicators used for the SuPerBuildings project. A special focus is placed on the validity of sustainable indicators used. Recommendations are listed within the document and serve as guidelines and discuss the validity and aptness of such indicators. This report also takes into account previous work involving standardization, which helps provide a more well-rounded perspective towards the progress and the structure of this project.



This document provides recommendations for the development of an appropriate structure for sustainability assessment systems for the further development of existing and future new systems. The EU-funded project SuPerBuildings will develop and select sustainability indicators for buildings with particular focus on the development of data validity and reliability.

These recommendations allow existing systems to keep their identity and independence, while providing a clear plan for future progress, in a way that will bring the various systems in the EU closer together, allowing for improved comparability. Furthermore, this document contains the results of other initiatives in the real estate and construction industry, such as the Sustainable Buildings Alliance.

This document also details a summary of methodological issues related to devising an indicator based assessment system. It also contains an appendix in which results and outcomes of initial research are published.

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Stakeholders and Decision Makers

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of project: SuPerBuildings

Funding programme: Seventh Framework Programme

Publication date

October 29th 2010

Regions of implementation:

Valid through most of Europe



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Systematic structure for sustainable building assessment with special focus on the validity of sustainability indicators (2010)