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CABEE Introduction to Synergy Grids
CABEE Studies for implementing Synergy Grids

This article is about Micro Smart Energy Grids. It is an output of the project CABEE (Capitalizing Alpine Building Evaluation Experiences). The document described in the following is a guideline for working on the WP6, in order to enable the project partners to produce interchangeable results and material.


To achieve a more comprehensive approach of the topic the project partners defined a new maintheme for this WP, contrary to the original theme named in the application form. The main theme of the WP is now defined as Groups of buildings (building clusters)and their potentials in acting as a whole by creating synergies, instead ofelectric energy and Micro Smart Grids.

For the assessment of the sustainability performance of clusters, environmental, economic and social indicators are used according to CEN/TC 350 and EN15643-1. Additionally, the CABEE cluster tool, also including several indicators especially tailored to the assessment of building clusters and synergies for reaching nearly Zero Emission Clusters, was developed for the assessment of the mentioned clusters.

This guideline furthermore contains the definition of Synergy Grids, a description of the assessment approach and indications on cluster boundary, targets,objectives and indication on implementation strategies for achieving thedefined goals of the case studies on local level.

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Target group/users

public administrations, in future also planners and builders

Integration to CESBA

Projectand Funding programme

Name of project: CABEE - Capitalization of Alpine Buildig Evaluation Experiences


Publication date

July 2013

Regions of implementation:

Alpine Space




EURAC Research

Roberta Pernetti

Adress: Via Zuegg 11,I-39100Bolzano

Phone number:+39 0471 055 645

Download and reference

Guideline synergy grids from CABEE project (pdf)