Sustainability guidelines for renewable energies in Alpine Mobility CO2NeuTrAlp

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This article deals with a central output of the CO2NeuTrAlp project.


The criteria described in this output shall serve as orientation for local decision making with regard to the use of renewable energy sources in the transport sector. It is impossible to establish fixed rules on the basis of objective and clearly quantifiable criteria that apply to all regions with their specific conditions. These guidelines shall be seen as working hypothesis for the CO2NeuTrAlp project.

Target group/users

Political decision makers and the public.

Integration to CESBA

Project and Funding programme

Name of Project: CO2NeuTralp

Funding Programme: Alpine Space Programme.

Publication date

March 2009

Regions of implementation:

Rhône-Alpes (FR), Piemonte (IT), Lombardia (IT), Schwaben (GER), Veneto (IT), Steierrmarck (AT), Slovenja (Maribor, Litija)




B.A.U.M Consult GmbH

Vivien Führ

Project Manager, Finances & Administration

Phone: +49-89-18935-251

Fax : +49-89-18935-199

Web :

Address: Gotzinger Str. 48/50

D-81371 München

Download and source

Sustainability Guidelines for Renewable Energies in Alpine Mobility (2009)