Summary of training programmes on sustainable building CEC5

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CEC5 Summary of training programs

The training programmes are an output of the CEC5 project.

Course Materials

The project CEC5 was mainly concerned with to create content that can be used to improve education in sustainable building assessment. As a first step the partners created study material that could be used to train and educate people on sustainable building assessment. First of all, the CESBA generic tool was translated into the national language of the project partners in order to make sure that a broad mass can benefit from the know how that should be spread as part of the CEC5-project. Further, the partners worked on an English version of the CESBA generic tool for new buildings, existing buildings (renovations). While evaluating the buildings with the CESBA generic tool, some partners realized that the software that needs to be used as part of the assessment (e.g. PHPP und EconCalc) was difficult to use. Therefore, materials were provided that give an instruction to the users.

These studybooks can be found on this CESBA-Wiki. Equipped with these resources, the partners had the task to create local course materials that allowed them to train people in their respective countries in order to “spread the skills”. These materials and associated powerpoint-presentations are listed below.


Czech Republic

  • Document: Skills and demonstration for sustainable construction (CZ)
  • Document: Synergy Certification CESBA – A performance standard for building designers (CZ)


  • Presentation: Sustainable Construction (GER)
  • Presentation: CESBA teaser - Sustainability in the municipality (GER)
  • Presentation: CESBA – Future of municipal building (GER)


  • Presentation: Use of EE and RES as an example of public buildings (HU)
  • Presentation: EE and RES on the example of the EMI Knowledge Center (HU)
  • Presentation: The CESBA assessment system and its categories (HU)


  • Presentation: Module A: Assessing the sustainability of the building (IT)
  • Presentation: Module B: The assessment method (IT)
  • Presentation: Module C: System Protocollo Itaca (IT)
  • Presentation: Module D: Certification Process (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Casa Clima Nature (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Drinking Water and Waste Water (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Energy and Emmisions (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Performance Wrap (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Material (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Indoor Quality (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Quality of Services (IT)
  • Presentation: Module: Quality of the Location (IT)


  • Presentation: CEC5 and CESBA assessment (PL)
  • Document: CESBA training material (PL)


  • Presentation: Sustainable evaluation of buildings (SI)


  • Document: Skills and Demonstration (SK/EN)